The word of the end

At the beginning of the year 2019, we are writing this article which will probably be the last, we invite you to read it until the end since each sentence is important.

On May 12, 2017, we created the W&W France community on Facebook. A few days later, the community was known on Twitter. A few months later, we finally landed on Instagram.

Today, we have 2600 likes on our Facebook Page, 326 followers on Twitter and 193 Instagram followers.

Figures matter little for us. But when we created this community, we had objectives, projects, which unfortunately can not be achieved with the limited audience we have at the moment.

Since the community has not achieved its goals and we now have many projects on our side, we decided to end W&W France / Rave Culture France.

We would like to thank all our fans who have supported us so far, it was a pleasure to inform you of news about this magical duet.

We also thank our favorite artists W&W (NWYR), Rave Culture label (Mainstage Music), Maurice West, Jaxx & Vega, SaberZ, TWIIG, AI Kizuna, Jac & Harri, Kevu & Dzeko for support on our various social networks.

We wish them the best in their careers as artists, of course, success. And we will continue to follow them of course.

A big thank you also to the fan pages with whom we shared the same passion: W&W Holland, NWYR Spain, W&W/NWYR Japan, W&W Ukraine, Revealed France, Revealed Spain etc …

With that, take care of yourself, REVEAL !

The W&W France team aka Rave Culture France!

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